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I was born and raised in Pine City. I remember my days at Pine City Elementary School and playing baseball with Southport Rec fondly and I want future generations to feel the same about the town of Southport. After graduating from Notre Dame High School I went on to receive a Bachelor's and Masters in Biology from Villanova University and Duquesne University, respectively. I obtained a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania and have spent my career as a scientist working to use the immune system to protect us from diseases such as pregnancy-related death, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Along the way, I've worked with several organizations and groups to address education, family resources, and environmental impact. I now work for the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine, Co-founded a biotech company that is working to discover ways to better diagnose concussions, and I serve as a member of Corning Community College's regional board of trustees. To read more click the "About Me" tab above.

Why I'm running

I'm running for Chemung County Legislature because we need fresh ideas and new ways to address decades old problems. The status quo has not been working and I don't believe voting in the establishment candidates is going to change our current trajectory. I'll bring my problem solving skills, my recent experience founding a startup company, my network of connections, and my ability to listen to you, the voter, as I tackle the issues that face our county.

My vision for Chemung County

I envision the county as a place with something to offer our young people, a place to start your company, that offers jobs that will support our middle class families, that serves our veterans, and that cares for our aging population.

We need to take a look at our neighborhoods and identify ways in which we can address neglected neighborhoods. 

Chemung County also needs activities that attract young people and allow them to engage one another. That’s why I started Chemung County Young Professionals this year. 

Chemung County also needs to move individuals into middle class jobs. I’ve talked to a number of companies in the area and the jobs are out there. We need to raise awareness of the jobs that we have and do a better job training our workforce so that they are prepared for these jobs. We can do this by setting up mentoring programs and creating co-ops and internship programs for middle and high school students.

Finally, Chemung County will have to find a way to work with the state to leverage resources for businesses and start-ups. Our companies are overburdened with regulations and the barriers to starting a business are great. I know because I started my first company last year. I’d love to take use my experience to help make the way easier for others.

The Platform

Serving The Community

The lessons I learned growing up in the Episcopal Church, as the daughter of a social worker, and a student in Mr. Cain's American Federal Government class created my sense of service. As a scientist, I'm a problem solver. When I serve as county legislator, I will apply my problem solving skills to the issues that face our community. As a graduate student, I advocated for student parents and helped established the family resource center. Now that I've returned to the Southern Tier, I've brought my experience in academia to the Corning Community College Regional Board of Trustees. I know what it's like to be a non-traditional student, teach students, and develop curriculum. Now I'd like to bring fresh ideas to the Chemung County Legislature.

Greater Communication

Chemung County needs greater communication between government at the county level and local municipalities. Recently, local policy has come from the top down rather than in collaboration with local municipalities. As a result, many of our cities and towns are struggling to cover their budgets. Because of decisions made at the county level, towns are faced with raising taxes or levying taxes for the first time. The county has avoided raising its taxes by sacrificing the municipalities within its borders. I pledge to meet regularly with the leadership of the Town of Southport and carry their concerns to the county. I will also keep them informed of decisions made by the county that impact the budgets or ability to govern.

Get Involved

There are many ways to support the campaign. I hope you will put up a yard sign, make calls, host a meet-the-candidate event, knock on doors or simply follow our campaign. Asking for donations is always hard but we can't win with out your financial support as well. I hope you will consider making a financial contribution to our campaign.

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